Get free FIFA 20 Points for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC

Every single year gamers are spending so much money just for FIFA Points. They are using them to open FUT packs in hope to get good players. Unfortunately not everything goes as expected. You can literally spend thousands of dollar, but don’t get any 87+ player or icon!


Here is the bloody truth!

In 90% of the packs you are opening are useless consumable objects such as player contracts, fitness, manager contracts, attributes and other items! Packs mostly consist of average players and sometimes when you get lucky and get an TOTW it will be just an average Team of the Week player. Everyone knows it. The chance to get awesome player is incredibly low, but people still spend their hard earned money just for Points and therefore for FUT packs. It shouldn’t be like that. Its a total waste of money and time. Yes, its fun to see if you get a walkout or not and all the famous YouTuber are pushing you with their videos. Their videos how they get great players and icons are highly manipulative, because they are heavily editing them. You want to see the reality? Join a live stream on Twitch or YouTube gaming and check out how many top players will walk out from the packs!

Don’t spend money any longer!

With the FIFA 20 points hack you can decide how many items you would like to get. Its totally up to you whether you generate free FIFA 20 points or not. However, we strongly recommend you to hack FUT 20. Its simply not worth it to spend money for the in-game purchases. In 90% of the cases you will be disappointed with the outcome. I am sure you already know the feeling: Just spent $50 on FIFA Points and packs, used all the Points, opened all the packs, but didn’t get a single good player. Yeah, welcome to the club. Same shit happen every single minute to hundreds of other gamers. We are sick of it.

More fun with the FIFA 20 Points Generator

Let the other gamer spend all their cash for items. You just found the FIFA 20 hack, which can be a real fortune for you. In fact it has never been easier for any gamer to save so much money for an online game. By the way: The FIFA coin generator exists since such a long time. A few years ago it was possible to cheat and hack FUT 20, but now it works even faster. Don’t wait too long, because right now it is working perfectly fine!

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